Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Wednesday WiP

Missed last week's W.i.P Wednesday. Too much going on and very little sewing. Anyway, the past three days have been very fruitful.

Made some Christmas place mats for my sister-in-law and letter banners for niece and nephew. You can see them here.

Basted and Quilted. Needs binding. 
Summer Garden being basted
I was on my hands and knees a lot this weekend! Anyway, very happy that I got a baby quilt and two singles basted and quilted. Now it only needs binding and a wash. I feel the most tedious part is over, what with ironing layers and layers of muslin and basting on the floor! So this is certainly a good thing.

New Project
  • Apsara's Quilt - A friend of mine ordered a quilt for her one year old to fit her crib. She really liked the pinwheels on Anagha's quilt so she wanted pinwheels. Apsara is a lovely little happy baby with the cutest nose... :) I hope she'll like it. From what I hear she's into light colors and teddy bears. Going to try to bring in both. 

I've been pressing open the seams on my pinwheels. They reduce the bulk at the center of the block and it lays nice and flat. A longer process but very happy with the results. Since I use muslin for batting pressing the seams to one side creates bumps that are quite prominently felt. This is soooo much better.

Quilt tops to be finished
I should have this done by next Wednesday.
In the freezer
Have had to put the QAL with crazymomquilts on hold (can one do that with a QAL??) Anyway, we are in the middle of moving and I have orders that I need to finish so am going to pick this up later. More on the move once its final (fingers crossed).
Happy Scrappy House Quilt. The house blocks are what they were two weeks ago and I think I'm just going to pack them up and bring them out much later.

Go check out the great stuff on W.i.P wednesday at Freshly Pieced. Have a good week.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Sewing for the family :)

I made these for my niece and nephew. They chose the fabric. They're going to pin it to their walls/doors I think. My 7 year old nephew believes that these are the only two fabrics in my stash that are cool enough for here they are together... not too bad actually.
My niece is madly in love with blue. So this is what she chose. She also did a lot of sewing this vacation. It was lovely to share my sewing room and fabric with her. She is such a delight. :)
Made some table mats for my sister-in-law. Christmas fabric makes me happy.
Linking up to Fabric Tuesday.
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Saturday, 13 August 2011

I want to do this someday...

BWS tips buttonThere are some QALs happening in blog land that are really fantastic... but I'm not able to do them now unfortunately. I hope to someday. You must check them out if you haven't yet (probably unlikely 'coz everyone seems to be doing them).

  1. The We Can Do It! Skill Builder Sampler. This is a great QAL. So much to learn. And it gets better with each month! Its at sewnbyleila
  2. The Summer Sampler Series. I really like this one too. Enjoy reading the history behind the blocks.  They're done though I think. 
  3. Thread Head Quilt Along. Just stumbled on this on. Very very cool and lots of work it appears. 

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Blog Hopping

It's 2:22am and while  I wait for the eleventh part of The Holiday to buffer on YouTube I do what I like best at this time of the night... check out quilting blogs. Here's what I found...

The Silly BooDilly: Work Quilt
The Work Quilts caught my eye on Flickr and so I followed them to the blog. They're so great. Love the hand quilting and the colors. They remind of Nirmala Akka's quilts and Victoria does say she takes inspiration from Indian and Pakistani styles of quilting. Oh, also check out her Pogagi... beautiful!

Quilter's Rorschach at Shelly's Quilts
Found Shelly's Quilts on one of the comments on the Work Quilt's post and then found this post. It's such a fun block. I love all the bright colors.

And from Shelly's blog roll I found...

Where I Sew @ Quilty Cat
Isn't her sewing room just gorgeous? Sigh...I would love a space like that. I do like my space and am very happy to have it...still... a girl can wish for more can't she?

Ok... back to my movie. :)

12 blocks down and a bonus

My latest two blocks for the QAL with Amanda Jean.
 I think the pink is looking a little dull with the orange... and the fabric that looks black is really a dark purple...
The 36 patch gives you a little extra... so you can actually make a stacked coins quilt as Amanda Jean suggests. I tried to hold out till I was done with all the blocks but I simply couldn't wait. So I started piecing... making the rows with one of each from the extras...It's lovely to get a little bonus don't you think. :) Thank you Amanda Jean. 

Christmas in August

I bought a lot of Christmas fabric the very first time I went to Okalipuram. At that point I had mostly reds and didn't really have anything to contrast it with. On one of my later trips I found this lovely red and green fabric and so decided it was time for my Christmas reds to come out of the closet.
 I really like this reindeer fabric too.
 These were so simple to do. I just cut strips of 1.5", 2,5" and 3.5" widths and 12.5" length. Then placed them in different combinations to add up to 18" (minus .5" on each for seam allowance) and they're done! So quick and easy to do.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Beginning to make lists...

Linking up to W.i.P Wednesday and I think I'm going to start making lists of ongoing projects, projects in the freezer, projects waiting to be finished etc.

QAL with crazymomquilts

Made 3 more blocks this week bringing me to a total of 10. I need 20 more for a lap quilt. I'm really happy I got to use these solids and the some of the prints. They are slightly thicker than what I would normally use for a quilt so only used them in banners. This block however works with these fabrics and since its going to be a lap quilt for us it will be just fine.

Happy Scrappy House Quilt

I started these house blocks a while ago. And I'm planning to keeping it going for a while. They're made from scraps so I want to try and bring in as many of the fabrics I have used in the past year into this so it will also become something of a memory quilt. Will keep going till I have a double quilt. I know some stories are getting told as I go along. :) They're from a tutorial at Quiltville.

Quilt tops to be finished

I've also begun to cut for place mats and a flying geese quilt. More on that as we go along.
Have a happy Wednesday! :) Go check out the great stuff on W.i.P wednesday at Freshly Pieced

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Fresh Sewing Day Link Up

Fresh Sewing Day
This is my first link up to Fresh Sewing Day over at Lily's Quilts. I like this linky party... 'coz you take some time to look at what you did the previous month. And here's what I did...

Good way to start a new month don't you think? :)

Monday, 1 August 2011

36 patches

36 patches by happyturtlequilts
36 patches, a photo by happyturtlequilts on Flickr.
Phew... managed to make 7 of the 36 patch blocks for the QAL. I have 23 more to go. :) I had initially thought I would make a baby quilt but then I think the colors are too bright so decided to make it a lap quilt and keep it for us (husband and I). I really like the fabric I'm using in these blocks. The QAL calls for different fabrics but I'm repeating some of them. I don't have the liberty of making so many different fabrics work together yet.

Linking up to Fabric Tuesday. Go check out what the others are doing. It's great fun!

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