Saturday, 26 May 2012

Pieced the top!

Went in to the store today and pieced the top. This is the size the class is doing. It's 45" x 63" - a nice lap size quilt. I'm going to make it into a twin for my niece. She loves blue and I hope this is blue enough for her. I think I might add a border with blue fabric - something from the squares - so it looks a little more blue than it is now. What do you think?

45"X63" Lap Quilt
I love these fabrics. They are so bright and happy.
As I was piecing the top I felt so good just having the fabric on me... You know how you need to have the quilt top and quilt on your lap when you're sewing... isn't that such a great feeling. I had forgotten about that since I haven't sewn in 9 months.
Sigh... the simple pleasures of life! :)

And I love the Kona Snow for the back.
I want me one of these! So great to be working on a design wall. I can't thank Judy enough for letting me sew in the store. It's AMAZING!!!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Squaring Blocks

I didn't think squaring blocks would take so much precision. I must admit I never really gave it much thought before. This is good though... much happier with the results but I still have a ways to go before I piece!

So Jeannie does it this way. First you measure the block and see what its turned out to be. Our blocks were supposed to be 9 1/2 inches but mine were a little less. The trouble was that the needle of the sewing machine I'm using at the store is a little off centre and needs to be fixed so all my blocks are slightly smaller than they should be.

Oh! I just remembered... I love working with the quarter inch foot! What a great little foot it is!

Ok... getting back... so we figured that the block could measure 9 1/4 inches. Now Jeannie worked out that half of 9 1/4 is 4  5/8th of an inch... I have no clue about 5/8ths and 3/8ths... but there is a sheet somewhere that will tell me all this. For now I know that if you have .625 it's a 5/8 and you can count these lines off on your ruler. So she marked the spot on the ruler for me and I used it as a guide. I've got to figure this out though.

Then, we used the centre square and folded it so that it was half and marked it with a pin. These flower head pins work very well for them 'coz they're flat and you can place your ruler over it and cut.

Got my mark there
So I had to measure each side and cut and square the block. It's a little tedious but it's worth it. I also find that fabric here seems to stretch a little more than what I used to buy at home so I need to be a little more careful with it.

Squared Block
I bought some fabric to make a pillow case for my nephew. He's 7 and he likes skulls 'coz he thinks they're cool. So here's what I'll be using for his pillow case. :) This is going to be fun!

Linking up to W.i.P at Freshly Pieced.

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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sewing Saturday

Isn't it great when you can sew all day? Went into the store this Saturday and sewed for 5 hours! Was in heaven! I finished my blocks for the class. I need to now square them up. This is going to be a sweet quilt. The prints are just so happy and cheerful.

Love working on the Janome and can't wait for my machine to come home! This is the store machine that Judy is letting me use  for class. Really enjoying it.
I have all these three and a half inch squares left over! I feel half-square triangles calling out.

Looking forward to class on Tuesday. Going to be piecing blocks! 

Fresh Poppy Design

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Finally! Sewing Again!

I am sooooo happy to be sewing again! It's been close to 7 months since I left home and my studio... I have been taking a class at work  and I love it! I don't have a machine yet so I have to go to the store to sew before work... so I'm not getting as much done. Still, it's wonderful to be taking this class.
Jeannie Jenkins is a wonderful teacher. She's so patient and gentle and will always find a way to make something work. Learning a great deal from her. The ladies in the class are lovely too and we're having a great time together.

We're making this quilt and its really interesting to see what fabrics everyone has chosen. There's a wide range of colors and fabrics in the class and I'm sure the quilts will all look great once they're done.

Here are my blocks.

We had a whole bunch of Amy Butler's Midwest Modern and Daisy Chain fabrics and Erin McMorris' Weekends come in a couple of months ago at the store. I've used most of those fabrics. I love the colors... they are so happy and summery. Linking up to W.i.P. at Freshly Pieced!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Mennonite Quilts

Every year on the last Friday and Saturday of May there is a huge sale in Ontario -  The New Hamburg Mennonite Relief Sale. It started in 1967 by individuals from Mennonite churches is southwestern-Ontario in response to the world-wide need for  "relief from hunger, poverty and natural disaster and for development and peace-building activities." Go to the New Hamburg Mennonite Relief Sale website for more.

Among other things there is an auction and sale of quilts. There were some samples at the show and they are exquisite! I hope someday I will be able to go to the sale until then...

 Loooooved this quilt!