Monday, 20 May 2013

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Time to Finish Something!

So I finished quilting the mug rug for my friend, cut out the binding, began to sew it on, got to the corners and went blank! I couldn't remember how to do it!! Can this really be happening? Is there something wrong with my brain or has it been so long since I actually FINISHED a project that I couldn't remember how to turn the corners!

I have started these projects in the last year - 2013 To Dos - (I actually have a couple more that are I haven't blogged about) and have not finished even one.

It's tough 'coz new ideas hit me and I'm on to the next thing.
But this can't go on. I have to finish what I've started.

Anyway, I had to look up how to bind a quilt (this is embarrassing) and found this tutorial. I'm happy I did because I really like this method of finishing the binding. I don't like having to sew the ends together once I've sewn down the binding and this "pocket" method makes it much easier. Check it out: Binding a Quilt

Quick & Easy Mug Rug

A friend turned 30 earlier this week and she's having a little celebration tomorrow. She's been on a soul searching mission over the past few months so when I saw the Odds and Ends Moda Candy Squares with all the lovely, inspiring words on them I thought it would make a fitting gift.

Zippered Pouches!

Zippers have intimidated me for some time now but I've been dying to make some cute zippered pouches because I love using them. My good friend Angie had her birthday last month and I decided to make one for her.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Getting the Hexies together

I started this quilt for the store. We made kits for each of the flowers. I've started putting some of them together. I think its going to be a fun quilt. 

Monday, 13 May 2013

Scrabble Star

We have these magnetic scrabble tiles on our fridge.

My husband makes words with them.
I make patterns.

So I made this wonky star with the scrabble tiles and wanted to make a block like it. I figured it would be best achieved with Moda Candy squares. Working the squares like I worked the Scrabble tiles.

I used some Moda Candy Squares - Comma by Zen Chic and Kona Cotton Charcoal for the background. I'm going for a Quilt as You Go quilt so I made the quilt sandwich before I placed the squares.

I guess you could fuse the squares in place but since I didn't have any fusible web on hand and I didn't want to wait any longer to get this going, I just pinned them.

Herringbone Quilt

I started this quilt as part of the It's a New Year Sew Along on Sew Can She. Chipping at it slowly...

Friday, 10 May 2013