Monday, 13 May 2013

Scrabble Star

We have these magnetic scrabble tiles on our fridge.

My husband makes words with them.
I make patterns.

So I made this wonky star with the scrabble tiles and wanted to make a block like it. I figured it would be best achieved with Moda Candy squares. Working the squares like I worked the Scrabble tiles.

I used some Moda Candy Squares - Comma by Zen Chic and Kona Cotton Charcoal for the background. I'm going for a Quilt as You Go quilt so I made the quilt sandwich before I placed the squares.

I guess you could fuse the squares in place but since I didn't have any fusible web on hand and I didn't want to wait any longer to get this going, I just pinned them.

Then I used my walking foot and sewed down around the edges of each square a few times. There's going to be a raw edge. 

Also made one in the green in the same way.

Then I quilted straight lines on the charcoal.

I like the effect. Though sometimes I worry of the star gets a little lost and all you can see are irregular squares. What do you think?


  1. I can totally see the star and I don't think it gets lost especially with the echo quilting. Great job and combination of different techniques

  2. Really like the echo quilting too!

  3. It looks great! The star is totally there.

  4. I can see the star! Looks great. A good way to use a mini charm pack!