Sunday, 18 March 2012

Color me Crazy - Chartreuse

I was putting up some fabric online and I came across this fabric - Daisies and Dots - Chartreuse. It;s from Robert Kaufmam and designed by Piece O' Cake Designs. 

I've always been attracted to lime-yellow-greens and really Chartreuse and have now found out that it has a rather interesting history! 
Collins English Dictionary:
chartreuse  (ʃɑːˈtrɜːz, French  ʃartrøz)

1. either of two liqueurs, green or yellow, made from herbs and flowers
2. a. a color varying from a clear yellowish-green to a strong greenish-yellow

b. ( as adjective ): a chartreuse dress

[C19: from French, after La Grande Chartreuse,  monastery near Grenoble, where the liqueur is produced]

Kona Cotton - Chartreuse from Robert Kaufman
The word Chartreuse comes from the Chartreuse Mountains in France where the Carthusian order of monks produced a naturally green liqueur at the Grande Chartreuse monastery. This liqueur was also called chartreuse and gets its unique coloring form chlorophyll. Apparently, 130 herbs, flowers and other secret ingredients are used in its production in a recipe that dates back to 1605.

Chartreuse is the color precisely halfway between green and yellow - it's 50% green and 50% yellow - and is the most visible color to the human eye. 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Color me Crazy!

I love my job! :) I get to rip open boxes of orders for the store, name and describe the new bolts of fabric, and put them up online. In the past three months I have learned about how fabric is designed for quilting, I've been introduced to a whole bunch of designers (online of course), and I've been introduced to new colors!

I realize that there is a whole world of color that I know nothing about and I have decided to begin a series here on my blog to write about these new colors that I am meeting. :) I promise to post at least once a week to begin with... hopefully it will be more... but once a week I will research a color and do a post.  I'm sure this won't be new to those of you who have been in the business a long time... but indulge me will ya? :)

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Taking a quilting class!

I'm going to be taking a Beginner Machine Quilting Class that we are having at the store in March!!! :)

Beginner Quiltmaking by Machine

Wednesday Evenings from 6:00 – 8:00 beginning in the March 28th  (7 Sessions)
Instructor Jeannie Jenkins

Learn the basics of quilt making by machine. Jeannie will take you through rotary cutting basics,
piecing, assembling the top, sandwiching, quilting and binding.  Sewing machine required.

This is so great! Jeannie Jenkins is a fantastic quilter and does a host of classes at Sew Sisters Quilt Shop. I'm really looking forward to it. There's another one I want to do as well - Introduction to Paper Piecing. I'm so looking forward to these.

I haven't sewn in six months and its driving me looney!!!! :(

Introduction to Paper Piecing

Tuesday May 8th, 1:00 - 3:00
Instructor Jeannie Jenkins
Paper piecing is a technique of sewing oversize fabric pieces to a paper foundation.  This allows you to make accurate patchwork blocks easily and quickly without making any templates. During class you will be given some sample patterns and work on completing some easy blocks.  Suitable for beginners or anyone wanting to learn machine paper piecing.  Sewing machine required.