Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Blisters and my first handstitched mini-quilt

Nirmalakka working on my quilt

I've just finished with a 3-day (extended to 4 days) quilt making workshop and I'm thrilled! :) Waited for so long to be able to go learn from a person rather than the Internet and to spend time with other quilt enthusiasts. We learned to make a traditional hand sewn quilt from the regions of North Karnataka. Our fine trainer Nirmala (fondly called Nirmalaakka) makes beautiful quilts and is a great teacher. Many thanks to Nirmalaakka and to Savita Uday from buDa- folklore for giving us this wonderful opportunity. More to report soon.
And yes, my fingers hurt and I have blisters on my thumb but it was worth it. So worth it! :)