Monday, 20 February 2012

Partial Seams

I have long wondered if this could be done and today I found a way to do it! Here's a good tutorial on How to Sew Quilt Blocks with Partial Seams. It's so simple! And quick too apparently. Can't wait to try this.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Jennifer Chiaverini

So I was putting up some fabric on the store site yesterday and came across a collection by Jennifer Chiaverini - Anneke's Collection for the Elm Creek Quilt's fabric line. I stopped for a minute and thought - that sounds familiar. Today I was on Good Reads and was rating books I read and came by The Quilter's Apprentice by Jennifer Chiaverini and then I remembered! I had read her books and now I was looking at a bolt of fabric designed by her! I don't know about you but I really get a kick out of these things!

My husband found The Quilter's Apprentice and The Quilters Homecoming at Blossoms - the most fantastic bookstore for new and used books in Bangalore. I enjoyed reading both books and was rather excited to find novels that were based on quilting. Those were the first I had ever seen in my corner of the world and now here I am on the other side actually handling the fabric. :)