Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Color me Crazy!

I love my job! :) I get to rip open boxes of orders for the store, name and describe the new bolts of fabric, and put them up online. In the past three months I have learned about how fabric is designed for quilting, I've been introduced to a whole bunch of designers (online of course), and I've been introduced to new colors!

I realize that there is a whole world of color that I know nothing about and I have decided to begin a series here on my blog to write about these new colors that I am meeting. :) I promise to post at least once a week to begin with... hopefully it will be more... but once a week I will research a color and do a post.  I'm sure this won't be new to those of you who have been in the business a long time... but indulge me will ya? :)

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