Saturday, 26 May 2012

Pieced the top!

Went in to the store today and pieced the top. This is the size the class is doing. It's 45" x 63" - a nice lap size quilt. I'm going to make it into a twin for my niece. She loves blue and I hope this is blue enough for her. I think I might add a border with blue fabric - something from the squares - so it looks a little more blue than it is now. What do you think?

45"X63" Lap Quilt
I love these fabrics. They are so bright and happy.
As I was piecing the top I felt so good just having the fabric on me... You know how you need to have the quilt top and quilt on your lap when you're sewing... isn't that such a great feeling. I had forgotten about that since I haven't sewn in 9 months.
Sigh... the simple pleasures of life! :)

And I love the Kona Snow for the back.
I want me one of these! So great to be working on a design wall. I can't thank Judy enough for letting me sew in the store. It's AMAZING!!!


  1. Your quilt is so beautiful and it makes me happy!
    I'm new on this blog, but I'll be back again.

    1. Thank You. :) I'm glad it does. It certainly makes me happy!