Saturday, 6 August 2011

Christmas in August

I bought a lot of Christmas fabric the very first time I went to Okalipuram. At that point I had mostly reds and didn't really have anything to contrast it with. On one of my later trips I found this lovely red and green fabric and so decided it was time for my Christmas reds to come out of the closet.
 I really like this reindeer fabric too.
 These were so simple to do. I just cut strips of 1.5", 2,5" and 3.5" widths and 12.5" length. Then placed them in different combinations to add up to 18" (minus .5" on each for seam allowance) and they're done! So quick and easy to do.


  1. Where is this Okalipuram in Bangalore? Never thought we'll get such fun prints in India. Any particular shop I should look out for if I go there?

  2. Hey Josie.. Okalipuram is right after majestic/city railway station. Most auto guys know it. When you get to the main road you need to ask people for the cloth market and they'll direct you. I don't know the name of the shop but the whole market is quite nice. you have to hunt a bit though.