Saturday, 6 August 2011

Blog Hopping

It's 2:22am and while  I wait for the eleventh part of The Holiday to buffer on YouTube I do what I like best at this time of the night... check out quilting blogs. Here's what I found...

The Silly BooDilly: Work Quilt
The Work Quilts caught my eye on Flickr and so I followed them to the blog. They're so great. Love the hand quilting and the colors. They remind of Nirmala Akka's quilts and Victoria does say she takes inspiration from Indian and Pakistani styles of quilting. Oh, also check out her Pogagi... beautiful!

Quilter's Rorschach at Shelly's Quilts
Found Shelly's Quilts on one of the comments on the Work Quilt's post and then found this post. It's such a fun block. I love all the bright colors.

And from Shelly's blog roll I found...

Where I Sew @ Quilty Cat
Isn't her sewing room just gorgeous? Sigh...I would love a space like that. I do like my space and am very happy to have it...still... a girl can wish for more can't she?

Ok... back to my movie. :)

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