Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Quilts I voted for...

Ok... so I'm not allowed to put up pictures of the quilts but I can tell you about them can't I? They had a viewers choice award and you got to vote for 5 quilts that you really liked. I can tell you about 4 'coz I didn't take a picture of the 5th one.
  • Aunt Nancy's Garden by Nancy Weller-McCracken. This one was simply gorgeous. It was hand and machine appliqued (mostly hand), machine pieced and longarm machine quilted by Karen Power. The Design was "Aunt Millie's Garden" by Piece O' Cake Design. Nancy used bright colors on a white background. It was so beautifully done. You can check out the pattern here. The one in the link has red for a background but I think the white is way better!
  • Feathered Star Quilt for "The Johnston Hotel" (75" X 92"). Designed and made by Kirsten Johnston (Traditional Feathered Star) Machine Pieced, Hand Appliqued, Machine Appliqued, Machine Quilted. This one was made for the guest room in Kirsten's brother-in-law's house. Apparently her brother-in-law and his wife have had many many visitors and their home was open to Kirsten and her family when they had to evacuate their own following the Mississauga train derailment 30 odd years ago. The guest bed had a Dresden Place quilt made by her brother-in-laws mother and it finally gave out after many year. Kirsten volunteered to make a quilt for the bed. The quilt was beautifully executed and I think the story is just such a lovely one. I hope many many will sleep under Kirsten's beautiful quilt and find comfort, rest, hope and beauty. 
  • Regal Tiger by Rebecca Sham. (74'X68") This one just blew me away! It was a mosaic wall hanging - the side profile of a tiger that looked like a painting. And I stood there for so long just mesmerized by it. Like when you see a painting that draws you into it. This quilt was spectacular. I didn't know what her technique was but I overheard some others who did and they didn't seem as taken up by it as I did. :) Well, I guess that's ok. It moved me and that is enough for me. Design is based on the cross stitch pattern by Dimensions Craft: "Regal Tiger" Paper Foundation, Machine Pieced and Quilted by Rebecca Sham.You can see the quilt on Rebecca's site.
  • Sweet Dreams by Anne Wood. (75" X 75"). Design based on "New York Beauty". Machine Pieced, Hand Appliqued and Quilted by Anne Wood. She made the quilt for her sister as a Christmas present.
I hope one of them wins! :) 

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