Tuesday, 15 November 2011

"Enjoy the show!"

A Celebration of Quilts XI hosted by the North York Quilters Guild was held at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre at Garamond Court. I wanted to get there bright and early but was not feeling up to it... now I'm down with a cold... so I left the house only about 12 noon I think. The trains are slower on the weekends and the buses less frequent and as I waiting I thought... damn... I should have left earlier! And then, because I'm trying to be more positive and joyful these days, I said to myself... It's ok. Maybe there will be something nice for me when I get there at the time I get there. Who knows.

As I went in, a nice gray haired lady was holding the door open. I ran up and thanked her. And she asked me if I had bought my ticket already. I said I hadn't and she asked me if I would like one.  She said she had pre-purchased it for her friend who was not coming and so would like to give it to me! I offered to pay for it, I had budgeted for it, and another 10 dollars to buy some fabric, so I wanted to pay. She refused! And said, "Enjoy the Show!" :) Can you believe that? If I had walked in earlier in the day, or a minute after, or is someone was before me... I mean, things like this don't normally happen to me!
In our situation at the moment, this was such a blessing to me. And it reminded me of grace, something I am learning more about. And the many gifts that God grants me. I don't think that wonderful lady realized what she was handing me and how much it meant to me. So I added my previously budgeted for ticket money to my fabric buying money and bought some more! :)


  1. those little bits of encouragement can be so important in our lives! I'm glad your day worked out so perfectly!