Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Creativ Festival

I volunteered at the Creativ Festival last month. Unfortunately... as it turned out I did not take my camera on the two days that I was volunteering... 'coz they ask you not to bring any valuables since they hold your coat and purse for you... and my camera is not small in enough to put into my pocket. My initial plan was go back on Saturday and see the shop floor and take pictures but I ended up seeing the floor on Friday and since I really can't buy anything just yet... I decided not to go in on Saturday. :( So... no pictures.

It was great though. If you've been to my other blog Quilting in India you'd know how much I have wanted to be part of the quilting world. This was my first ever festival and sure, it was all crafts, but it was great. Sew Sisters was there and Flare Fabrics ( I found out about the festival from them) many other stores. There was just so many stores and so many people! Can't wait for next year.

The classes seemed great too. Would have loved to have taken some... but I have points from volunteering that I can use for next year so will do that. This year I didn't even have the basic stuff you need to bring to class with me since we were living in two different houses. But Debbie, one of the organizers was really sweet and said that if I wanted to take a class I should talk to her and she would work out the stuff I needed. Very kind.
Oh! Finally saw for real what a walking foot looks like. You can't get them in India. And all the sewing machines! Drool! It was just amazing for me. A dream come true. Really.

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