Tuesday, 15 November 2011

And now for the show...

Well, I don't have actual pictures of the quilts 'coz they don't want you to put them up on the Internet. They let you take the pictures but its only for personal use. I wonder why though. Doesn't it only help the quilter, if you of course give proper credit, to have their work more public? And I've seen so many blogs with so many pictures of quilts at a show. It's almost like doing a virtual tour. But I guess they have their reasons and I respect that so no pictures.
Here are some pictures of the merchants floor.

This is the Art of Fabric booth.

 I really like the metallic look of the quilts. They pop out at you!

Sew Little Time. I was thinking of the blog but they're not the same.
That's Sew Sisters Quilt Shop on the left. I bought my first fat quarters in Toronto from them. :)

Quilt Junction. Beautiful!

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