Tuesday, 12 November 2013

What's your method for Flying Geese?

I've was working on a few more blocks for my Whirl quilt the other day and I was getting a little frustrated with my Flying Geese! I don't know if it's because I cut some of the this fabric a while ago, or I didn't trim right, or if the bias is throwing me off ... a lot of them had to be let go. And I hate not being able to use something I've sewn up already.

What do you do when you make Flying Geese? How do you get them to be the same size and how do you make your points match?



  1. I do squares and rectangles, instead of big triangles and little triangles. Then I draw lines from corner to corner on the squares, and sew just to the outside of the line on the seam side. Once you trim off the corners, you should have a perfect flying goose. And if you're crazy like me, you'll sew a second line 1/2" away from the first before you trim your corners off and what you trim off will be HSTs for another project. Accurate cutting and seam allowance are crucial!! If you go to Connecting threads (dot com) under tutorials, they have a couple of methods for geese, including the one I use and another I haven't tried. Good luck. :-)

    Gorgeous block!

  2. I look for patterns that are Accuquilt GO! Baby friendly. I can make two different sized flying geese blocks with the dies that I have.

  3. My favorite method for making flying geese is found here: http://www.patchpieces.com/files/flyinggeese.pdf
    I use it when I need multiple geese alike....each set makes 4. They always come out perfect because you have to trim them at the end.

  4. I always use this tutorial to make 4 geese at a time and I've been really impressed with how even the sizes come out.

  5. Thank You everybody. Will be sure to try your methods.