Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Some Selvage Fun!

When I have my walking foot on my machine I try to get in a quick quilt-as-you-go project done before I have to change back to my presser foot.

Played around with selvages this time. 
Was not sure if I wanted to make a quilt out of it or just use this as a mug rug. So I didn't bind. We'll see. 

This would have been simpler if I had started in the centre... but I think I was going for the diagonal stripe when I began the project. Then I changed my mind. So I had to do a bit of folding and creative sewing so the raw edges wouldn't show but all in all it turned out alright.


  1. Cute! I want to try a string block too-looks awesome.

  2. What a clever idea....I must save my selvages now!

  3. Wish I had saved selvages, must start to do so now.....

    1. They're great fun! And pile up quick too!
      Thanks for stopping by.