Friday, 14 September 2012

Wonky Star gone... bad?

So what I was trying to do was make a wonky star block... and I did it wrong... so this is what came out of it! :) Not bad eh? It's like the twister block but without the twister tool. Love it when one thing leads to another.

Oooh and I won a giveaway!! How cool is that! Very rarely happens... well this is my third so I guess it's not all bad! And this is a good one - from Button Mad!!! Can't wait to see what they send me! Yaay!
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  1. oh, I love your chubby little star! a whole quilt of these would be fantastic! Think you could share some tips on how you made yours?

    1. "Chubby Little Star" Ha Ha. That's a good name for it... I have to go back and try to make a wonky star... and do it wrong... so I can figure out what I did!! :D Let me give it a shot...

  2. It's like a little wonky pinwheel! Where the blue parts supposed to be the points to the star? I bet if you turned them around and put a non-pieced center square, it'd be a wonky blue star. Too late now though! LOL At least it's cute. :)

  3. It's cute! And congrats on the giveaway!