Saturday, 7 March 2015

QAYG Selvage Block

I made a selvage block a little while ago. You can see it here: Some Selvage Fun
I wanted to make some more. I guess this is also called a String Block?
Anyway - here's how I made these.

My finished blocks measure 10" X 8". You can make them any size you want. I used the left over batting I had from after I had trimmed a quilt. Just remember to keep your blocks the same size when you trim them.

You will need to use your walking foot for this.
When I cut my selvages off my fabric I like to cut about an inch or inch and a half so I have the selvage and a little bit of the fabric as well.

Start with a third of your quilt sandwich for your block i.e. back and batting. Lay one strip of selvage diagonally across the block and sew right side to batting. Sew on the non-selvage side of the strip.

Press over. 

Flip first strip back and place the second strip under the first strip.
Be sure to keep your selvage end on the outside. 

Flip first strip back onto the second strip.

Sew over the selvage of the first strip making sure that your stitches are going through
both strips of fabric.

Flip second strip back and place your third strip, selvage on the outside, under the second strip. 

Flip second strip over onto the third strip and sew on the selvage.

Keep going till you've covered one side of your block with selvage strips!

Half  your block is done!

Now for the second half. Place a strip right side facing down onto the first diagonal
strip and sew with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Make sure your selvage is on the outside and you are sewing through both strips of fabric. 
Press over
Repeat the same process on this side. Flip first strip back and place the second strip under the first strip. Be sure to keep your selvage end on the outside. 

Sew on the selvage.

Keep going till you cover up your block. I like to mix my text selvages with printed
selvages to add some colour.

Trim to the size you'd like your block to be! 

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